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Electrical Design, Documentation and Compliance

"They have the ability to work at both the consultant level and the electrician level and are able to deal personably with the people concerned throughout while protecting our clients interests."

Jason Hose
Impact Building Services Ltd

Our Services Include:

-Design of complex multi-source electrical systems

-Design of Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations

-Design for imaging facilities

-Multi-level circuit protection, cascading and discrimination 

-Fault currents, circuit breaker ratings and settings

-Large scale system testing and commissioning

-Critical power supply and switchgear changeovers

-System failure studies

-Design to installation comparison surveys

-3rd party checking of designs

-Magnetic Field and Shielding measurement, design and verification

Tangle Tamers specialise in designing the difficult and demanding elements of complex electrical systems. We enjoy the challenge and take pride in delivering successful operational projects. Our team has the combined knowledge, skills and experience also to carry out installation and remedial works to a high standard. We use our field experience and our knowledge of equipment in our design works. 

We understand that the design must match the needs of the systems within a building and the people who use it.

Clear, understandable and updateable drawings and compliance documentation are essential for a successful project and essential for the long-term maintenance of the installation.   

We can assist you with your own designs or prepare new designs for you.  We can also help you to evaluate and validate and certify the performance of existing designs.

Imanova Ltd 
Clinical Imaging Centre

Works for Imanova PET-MRI Scanner Install

We designed, installed and tested the main feeders, switchgear and circuit protection for one of the first PET-MRI scanner suites in the country.

We applied our Specialised Electrical Measurement techniques for high-resolution loop impedance measurements, validating the installation and ensuring GE's specification requirements were met.

Impact Building Services Ltd
Design Support

Impact are a high quality electrical contractor – for a number of years we have worked alongside them on Data Centre projects. Impact engage us from time to support their designers on calculations for difficult loads such as MRI scanners and medical imaging.