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Diverted Neutral Currents

Over the course of the last decade we have spent a great deal of time working on interference problems caused by currents flowing in the earthing systems of low voltage installations. One of the common causes of the problems we encounter is diverted neutral currents. We produced this paper to better help our clients understand the cause of the issue. Its free to download here.

Current measurement techniques

Residual, Net and phase balance current measurement techniques appear to be one of the industry's best kept secrets.  These techniques are not often taught in colleges or defined in guidance notes. Current measurement  in general are commonly ignored or under-rated by standards and guidance. However, these techniques are vital for diagnosing many faults in installations.

In our view, current measurement should form part of standard dead testing procedures. Particularly where diverted neutral currents may exist in protective conductors. Our guide for basic current measurement techniques is free to download here.