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Specialist Electrical Measurment

"Tangle Tamers have shown to have excellent understanding of the measurement processes in electrical engineering, and performing electrical measurements in the field."

Mark Hadley
Product Manager
Megger Instruments Limited

Specialist electrical tests and measurements

Tangle Tamers offer a range of specialised electrical tests and measurements that can’t be achieved using standard techniques.

- High accuracy loop impedance measurements

- High accuracy low resistance continuity testing 

- Cable tracing and Identification

- Residual and Earth leakage current detection and measurement

- Power Quality

- Other Measurment Capabilities

High resolution loop impedance measurements

This is one of our key areas of interest. We have worked closely with test instrument manufacturers to improve measurement accuracy and stability. We employ the most advanced measurement methods in our own work.

We have a range of instruments that can be applied using either 2 wire or Kelvin 4 wire methods. These include the latest NIM from SEBA Megger, the Sonel MZC-310S, Megger LTW 425's and even the venerable Dorman Smith IMPSCs.

These include instruments that give resolutions of 0.1mΩ and separate the inductive reactance component from the resistance of the loop.

In turn this allows accurate checking of diverse systems from substation installations through to feeders for critical imaging equipment.

These methods can also be effectively employed where checking real world fault current levels against design requirements, confirming the suitability of the switchgear, discrimination, selectivity and disconnection times.

High resolution low resistance measurement & continuity tests 

We have a range of Kelvin 4 wire low resistance ohmmeters ranging from an old-school wood-box analogue Megger Ducter to the latest DLRO's. This gives us the ability to measure continuity resistance with resolution down to 0.1µΩ accross a range of test currents.

Our methods are useful for verifying main panels, associated switchgear, busbars and contacts, joints and cables. They can also be applied to complex earthing and bonding systems commonly used in Group 1 and Group 2 medical locations and those used in the infrastructure of screened rooms.

Cable tracing and identification

Traditional methods of cable tracing and identification often means disconnecting conductors and isolating systems. Generally this means that identification can't be done with the installation in service. 

We have a range of techniques including high accuracy resistance measurements, current injection, clamp on measurements and magnetic field measurements for cable tracing and identification. This not only allows us to trace and identify many conductors with the installation live, it also allows us to find and eliminate faults in complex earthing systems with minimum disruption.

Residual and earth leakage current detection and measurement

We have the ability to detect and measure residual and earth leakage currents on large LV systems including transformer tails, main panels, bus bars and power track systems. Our instruments include custom built flexible current clamps with very large diameters.

We have considerable experience of tracing the cause of earth leakage problems and providing guidance as to the best ways of fixing problems.

Power quality

Overloaded supply transformers, cables and switchgear are not the only problems. Bad power quality can also cause localised heating, large voltage fluctuations, reliability problems with control systems and, in the worst cases, are a danger to life and property.

We carry out Power Quality (PQ) surveys and can provide short and long time PQ data logging for multiple locations within an installation.

Reporting and results can be presented in formats to suit the client. Generally we survey to the requirements of EN50160 and G5/4-1 and we can also work to your own requirements. Harmonics, Power Factor, Flicker, and many other parameters can be measured, logged and analysed.

We also provide PQ event tracking and problem diagnostics. We're happy to assist with surveys and design studies for new and existing plant and installations.

Other measurement capabilities

-Low frequency and DC magnetic fields

- Switchgear and static bypass timing 

- Spectrum analysis 

- Signal generation and current injection

- Power and signal voltage and current measurement and logging

- Waveform recording

- Environmental measurements

- Thermographic Imaging

- Vibration

- Earth resistance and ground voltage gradients

- Soil resistivity & conductivity