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Project Acceleration

"Tangle Tamers undertook over 100 individual tasks ranging in value from £500 to £50k...
All of the tasks without prejudice were completed within the agreed timescales as first agreed, with the majority being completed in advance of programme, even with other works being prioritised by the client over those scheduled."

Jonathan Evans
Senior Project Manager

Project Acceleration

-Imperial College and MRC Laboratories

-Birmingham Airport


-Telford Ice Rink and Softplay

For many years we have become involved in projects that had been running slow or left unfinished. We've helped complete them. These are some examples of what we do to help accelerate projects.

Imperial College and MRC Research Laboratories
Burlington Danes
Inspection and Test and remedial works

We provided inspection and test of new clinical facilities and medical research laboratories. Unfortunately the original installation fell short of the standards required and extensive remedial works resulted.

We also provided scheme design suggestions, planning  and assistance for the rebuild of the fuel pumping and delivery systems for the standby diesel generators.  

We planned and managed extensive black-site switching tests on the occupied buildings, resulting in significant changes to the SCADA system and proving the capabilities of the UPS and diesel generators. We wrote switching scheduals and trained the ICL and FM team in how to switch the building on their main panels and backup systems, as well as on how to monitor and manage the generators and panels via the SCADA system.

We also installed additional main feeders and automatic changeover switchgear, and provided upgrades to the earthing and bonding of Group 1 and Group 2 medical and imaging locations.

Birmingham Airport

Five pumping stations had been left unfinished towards the end of the Birmingham Airport runway extension and road diversion project.  We were called in to help finish the pumping stations, providing inspection, test, remedial works and project acceleration servicesThis included documentation and providing test certification. 

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
Clinical Imaging Centre
Faraday cage earth faults

GSK had one MRI working and were about to take delivery of a second one for the same facility. With only a short time to go they found they had problems with multiple earth paths on the Faraday cages of both MRI rooms. They were getting poor image quality from the existing scanner. The other unoccupied MRI room had been half dismantled to try to find fortuitous earth paths.

We injected test currents into the cages and scanner earthing systems and tracked these currents around the cages using their fields. We were able to find fortuitous earth points to within ~20cm non-invasively. Small easily-repaired holes in the stud walls allowed the shorts to be removed and remedied.

Various barrier joints in the services and quench pipes had been badly insulated. Using large custom made current clamps we were easily able to identify and remedy these faulty insulated joints.  

As a result GSK were able to take delivery and install the new scanner without incurring any major delay.

Telford Ice Rink and Soft Play

Following the failure of the original M&E contractor we were engaged to provide 100% third-party inspection and test, prepare a remedial plan and carry out certain remedial works.

We did this with the building live and operational, allowing business to continue as usual, ensuring the safety of the new electrical installation.